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Covering Patio or Sliding Glass Doors

We enter many homes where our customers are completely unsure as to how to cover a tricky patio or sliding glass doors. Many are under the impression that the ONLY option is an old-school plastic vertical blind—of which most people prefer not to have.  While these are still an option for those seeking that particular […]

5 Reasons We Love “Wood Look” Tile

A very popular trend that will not be leaving us any time soon is the use of the “Wood Look” tile planks. Here are 5 reasons we love them: 1. Moisture Resistance. Wood look tile planks are made up of high-density ceramics or porcelain tile so they are waterproof unlike natural products such as hardwood […]

5 Reasons We Love Honeycomb Shades

1). ENERGY EFFICIENCY!!! Honeycombs Shades are best known for their great energy efficiency. An easy explanation for why they are superior insulators is because they create a pocket in front of the window. Think of a double pane glass compared to a single pane glass. The pocket allows for warm air to be trapped and […]

Blinds vs. Shutters – Which Should You Choose?

With so many window covering products available on the market, it is easy to find yourself confused and indecisive. One tough decision that our customers often face is whether to go with wood or faux wood blinds OR spend a little extra money on shutters. My hope is to make this decision somewhat easier by breaking down the […]

Blackout the Bedroom for Better Sleep

Did you know that your brain actually shrinks in size when you chronically get less than 7 hours of sleep per night? YIKES! If that isn’t bad enough, studies have linked sleep deprivation to cancer, Alzheimer’s, insulin resistance, and depression. Conversely, research shows that good quality sleep: Strengthens your immune system Stabilizes your hormones Boosts […]

Center Tilt Rod vs. Hidden Tilt Rod: Which Option is Right for You?

One of our favorite products to sell is a shutter, also referred to by some as a ‘Plantation Shutter.’ There are many benefits to this product and in Southern Texas it is a very popular window covering choice amongst homeowners. Besides the beautiful aesthetic quality of a shutter, they are great for energy efficiency and light […]