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Exterior Shades San Antonio

ENJOY THE OUTDOORS WHILE REDUCING THE GLARE! Does your patio or exterior room suffer from the uncomfortable heat of the San Antonio sun? Have you considered adding exterior shade to cut down on the heat and glare? Made in the Shade San Antonio has the solution to all...

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Our Top 3 Favorite Ways to BLACKOUT a Room

The purpose of a window is to A.) be able to look outside and B.) allow natural light to enter a room. It’s a beautiful thing! However, there are times when we need to black it out! Whether you are looking to optimize your sleep, a night shift worker trying to get...

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What are Zebra Shades?

One of the biggest trends in window coverings right now that has created a buzz within the industry is the Zebra Shade. So what is a Zebra Shade? You can think of them as a hybrid of a standard blind and roller shade. Also referred to as a Layered, Dual, or Banded...

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Roller Shade Benefits

The most trending window covering product right now is without a doubt a Roller Shade. With their clean lines and functional use, roller shades are sure to fit in a clean and contemporary design. Gone are the old school shades that would flap up and spin on their...

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Are Natural Shades Right For You?

Natural Shades, also known as Woven Wood Shades, have been around for decades, and some people might remember them looking something like this…. YIKES!!!! Thankfully, Natural Shades have come A LONG way since the originals and today’s shades in my opinion are...

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6 Reasons We Love Exterior Patio Shades

Summer is right around the corner, which means more time to enjoy the outside! If you are looking for ways to upgrade your outdoor space, exterior patio shades are definitely something to consider. Here we will list 6 reasons why we absolutely love exterior solar...

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Covering Patio or Sliding Glass Doors

We enter many homes where our customers are completely unsure as to how to cover a tricky patio or sliding glass doors. Many are under the impression that the ONLY option is an old-school plastic vertical blind—of which most people prefer not to have.  While these are...

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5 Reasons We Love Honeycomb Shades

1). ENERGY EFFICIENCY!!! Honeycombs Shades are best known for their great energy efficiency. An easy explanation for why they are superior insulators is because they create a pocket in front of the window. Think of a double pane glass compared to a single pane glass....

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Blackout the Bedroom for Better Sleep

Did you know that your brain actually shrinks in size when you chronically get less than 7 hours of sleep per night? YIKES! If that isn’t bad enough, studies have linked sleep deprivation to cancer, Alzheimer’s, insulin resistance, and depression. Conversely, research...

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