Are Natural Shades Right For You?


Natural Shades, also known as Woven Wood Shades, have been around for decades, and some people might remember them looking something like this….

Natural Shades from the Past

YIKES!!!! Thankfully, Natural Shades have come A LONG way since the originals and today’s shades in my opinion are stunning. In fact, designers everywhere are going nuts over these shades, and by looking at some of the photos below, it is easy to see why!

Trendy Styles Today Natural Shades

That being said, Natural Shades are not for everyone. In this article we will discuss why we personally love Natural Shades as well as why they may not always a great fit for every client.

Natural Shades may be a good fit for you if:

You Desire “Green” Products

Today more and more people are choosing Earth-friendly options whenever possible. Whether it is an electric car, solar powered lighting, or window fashions made from sustainable natural materials, going “Green” is a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Out of all the window-covering options available, Natural Shades are the greenest! This is because the materials in Natural Shades are carefully sourced, harvested, and hand selected from renewable resources such as woods, grasses, bamboos, and even papers.

Natural Shades Green Product

You enjoy “One of a Kind” items

If you find yourself shopping at boutiques for clothing in hopes of finding unique items that you won’t see another friend wearing at brunch, then Natural Shades may be the window fashion for you! Due to the fact that no two organic materials are exactly the same, no two natural shades are either. This gives Natural Shades an exclusive design element that tells a story of you and ONLY you. Below are some of the unique characteristics that you may find in a natural shade.

natural shades variations

You love the outdoors

Being a self proclaimed health nut, I firmly believe that as humans, we were designed to be outside. However, in today’s modern world, that is rarely the case. Most of us spend majority of our time inside. So why not bring a little of the outside inside? Natural Shades do just that! I personally feel like there is something so relaxing and therapeutic about the aesthetics of a natural shade.

Graber Natural Shades Dark Patio Door
These Graber Natural Shades give off an undeniable vacation/spa vibe! Great for outdoor lovers! OR anyone who enjoys vacations and spas….so basically EVERYONE!

Your taste is traditional, transitional, contemporary, coastal, and so on

Natural shades are not tied down to any one style. We have seen them in just about every style home imaginable. This is most likely why they are a designer favorite. They are so versatile!

For clients with traditional design taste, we recommend Natural Shades in either a classic roman or looped roman style. You can add draperies or top treatments to really finish off the look. For our clients who prefer a more modern look we generally recommend either the standard roman shade OR the Old Style Roman Shade. Both of these styles feature a classic flat panel with clean simple lines. The only difference is that the Old Style Roman lacks a valance.

Natural Shades fit any style

You desire treatments that provide flexibility in light control.

Whether you want light filtering, privacy, or room darkening, there are plenty of options in the world of Natural Shades.

Natural Shade Liner Options

Natural Shade No Liner
Depending on the material and weave, Natural shades offer a light filtering window covering solution that still allows some view through to the outdoors. During the day, natural light floods your room.

Natural Shade with Liner
Liners are available for Natural Shades which turn them from Light-Filtering to almost blackout. This option is great for bedrooms, and media rooms.

Natural Shade with Seperate Liner
Additionally, we are able to order a separate functioning liner so that you can have the best of both worlds.

Natural Shades may not be a good fit for you if….

You are a perfectionist…

If one misplaced pillow on your sofa sends you into a panic, Natural Shades may not be your best match. Remember when I told you that no two natural shades are exactly alike, well that means that there is no such thing as a perfectly identical shade. Many people, including myself, think these minor imperfections actually add to the beauty of the shade. However, this may not be the case for you. Below is a quote from one of our top Natural Shade manufacturers, Graber.

“Natural shades inherently may have variations and visual inconsistencies in color, weave, grain and texture. They may also crack or split, twist or bow, shrink or stretch, and change color over time due to aging, direct sunlight, or other climatic conditions. These unique characteristics are inherent in natural materials and are not considered defects in material or workmanship. Exact color matches cannot be guaranteed.”

If the thought of having window coverings with varied colors and textures turns you off, I would suggest a different route.


That’s it! That’s our take on Natural Shades in a nutshell. There are many reasons to LOVE these shades, but the perfectionist may need to look at more predictable and uniform options such as roller shades, shutters, or blinds. I hope you found this article helpful! If you have any questions about natural shades or any other window treatment for your home improvement project, please let us know! We’d love to work with you!

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