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Draperies: 5 Reasons We Love Them!

When it comes to creating a beautiful space, one of the most transformative window covering products we carry is without question DRAPERIES! But don’t just take our word for it! Dy Lynne Dabney, one of San Antonio’s most sought after designers and owner of Joyeaux...

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A Simple Guide to Drapery Header Styles

When it comes to drapery styles, the options can be overwhelming to say the least! A simple Google search will result in dozens of headers that will make your head spin. If you are looking for a simple guide to the most popular drapery header styles—you’ve come to the...

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Blackout the Bedroom for Better Sleep

Did you know that your brain actually shrinks in size when you chronically get less than 7 hours of sleep per night? YIKES! If that isn’t bad enough, studies have linked sleep deprivation to cancer, Alzheimer’s, insulin resistance, and depression. Conversely, research...

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