Draperies: 5 Reasons We Love Them!


When it comes to creating a beautiful space, one of the most transformative window covering products we carry is without question DRAPERIES! But don’t just take our word for it! Dy Lynne Dabney, one of San Antonio’s most sought after designers and owner of Joyeaux Home Décor says that one of the first things she does when decorating a room is hang the draperies.

“It gives me the overall canvas I need. I like to think of draperies kind of like foundation on the face– the first step. I truly feel that a room is incomplete and naked without them!”

So why are they so great you ask? Let’s discuss! Here are 5 reason why we LOVE draperies:


Probably the most obvious reason to love draperies is that they are just plain beautiful (when done right!) They add softness when needed, jazz up a room when desired, OR tone down a room if necessary. They fit in minimalistic design as well as over the top grandeur décor. If your room is full of patterns and textures, solid/simple draperies can tone down the designs. If your room is neutral and needs a little design boost, add some patterns and textures. *DESIGN TIP* Lighter colors can enlarge and open a space and brighten a room lacking natural light. Conversely, darker colors add warmth and depth to a space bringing a room closer together and more cozy.

Light and Dark Colored Draperies


Draperies are undoubtedly the most versatile window treatment available. Choose from thousands of fabrics, colors, patterns, and textures. Select a header style that fits your design preference. From traditional pinch pleats to more contemporary grommets. Learn more about popular header styles here. Add trim, edge banding, color blocking, tiebacks, and more to give your windows a completely custom, one of a kind look!

Drapery Options


Depending on how you hang your draperies, you can give the illusion of higher ceilings, larger windows, and an overall bigger space. We recommend draperies hang a minimum of 4-6” above the window frame. However, to really make a statement we love hanging draperies closer to the ceiling making rooms appear taller. Additionally, by extending the hardware past the window frame you can give the illusion of larger windows.

Drapery Dos and Donts


Draperies are great for light control and are wonderful for layering over other window coverings to hide light gaps. Blackout liners are available and perfect for bedrooms or media rooms where room darkening options are desired. Sheers are available for those seeking a lighter more airy look. They are great for blocking harmful UV rays while allowing natural light to filter into a room. Want the ability to filter light AND blackout a room? Do both by layering blackout draperies over sheers!

Sheers vs Blackout Draperies


As with most of our window treatment offerings, draperies can be motorized!!! What does this mean? It means convenience! It means time savings! It means home automation!! “Alexa, please close draperies in living room!”

To conclude, draperies are ALWAYS in style! Beautiful, versatile, functional, and transformative, and classic—they have the power to completely transform a space! If you are interested to learn more, contact us!

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