Shutters: The Pros and Cons

Shutters, sometimes referred to as “Plantation Shutters,” are one of our absolute favorites, as well as one of the more popular window coverings sold here in San Antonio. However, just because we love them, does not mean that they are for everyone. Here we will break down the pros and cons so that you can […]

Blinds vs. Shutters – Which Should You Choose?

With so many window covering products available on the market, it is easy to find yourself confused and indecisive. One tough decision that our customers often face is whether to go with wood or faux wood blinds OR spend a little extra money on shutters. My hope is to make this decision somewhat easier by breaking down the […]

Center Tilt Rod vs. Hidden Tilt Rod: Which Option is Right for You?

One of our favorite products to sell is a shutter, also referred to by some as a ‘Plantation Shutter.’ There are many benefits to this product and in Southern Texas it is a very popular window covering choice amongst homeowners. Besides the beautiful aesthetic quality of a shutter, they are great for energy efficiency and light […]