What is a Designer Grille?

Designer Grille

When you hear the term, “Designer Grille,” what comes to mind? Maybe a set of platinum, sparkly teeth a famous rapper would wear? Possibly a fancy outdoor cooking appliance? Both would make complete sense, however, today we are going to be discussing the stunning decorative accents you see below. These beauties are so versatile and AMAZING that we just had to spread the word. So, what makes Tableaux Designer Grilles so awesome? Let’s explore!

Limitless Applications

First and foremost, Designer Grilles have TONS of applications!  Not just limited to window treatments, these beautiful grilles can be used in cabinetry, ceilings, doors, exteriors, room-dividers, transoms, wall-décor, and MORE! They truly add a WOW-Factor to any room or space.

Tableaux Window Treatments Styles

Looking for a unique window treatment that will have your guests stopping in their tracks to admire? Look no further! These beautiful Tableaux Designer Grilles are guaranteed to turn heads! The only instances where a Designer grille may not be ideal, is if privacy is a concern and/or you desire a room darkening option. However, Tableaux DOES offer an option that can help! Keep reading to find out!

Tableaux Transoms Styles

Our customers are often stumped as to what to do with Transom Windows (windows above doors or other windows). Well, here is a stunning solution! They are also perfect for sidelights (the narrow windows generally located on the sides of doors).

Tableaux Ceiling Designs

Have a skylight that could use some sprucing up? Or perhaps a light fixture that is missing some pizzazz? Boom! Here you go! Tableaux Ceiling Treatments are a perfect way to add drama to any room!

Tableaux Wall Decor

Sometimes it is SO hard to find just the right piece of artwork for a bare wall. Well, not anymore! You can create your very own work of art with Tableaux Designer Grilles!

Tableaux Cabinets Unique Designs

CABINETS  Whether your taste is traditional, modern, transitional, or eclectic, there is a design that will work perfect for your cabinets!  Plus, with the HUGE variety of finishes available (and completely custom options too), you can blend everything in your room seamlessly.

Tableaux Stunning Room Divider

ROOM DIVIDERS  If you are looking for ways to maximize space, why not add a room divider! You get two rooms in one without having to build a wall. These gorgeous room dividers leave your room airy and open all the while giving some sense of separation. PERFECTION!

Tableaux Exteriors Designs

EXTERIORS  If you are in search of something to add decorative flair to your exterior, but are worried that the elements will leave your art destroyed, no worries! Tableaux Designer Grilles can stand up to whatever Mother Nature brings at them!

Artistic Designs

Next up, there are SOOOO many design options! You can choose from a selection of standard designs or even create your very own. The options are limitless!

Tableaux Design Options

Here is just a small sample of the DOZENS of designs available!

Beautiful Finishes

Tableaux Designer Grilles are not limited to just bronze and gold! You have the option to choose from a variety of popular finishes or even request a custom finish. This allows you to REALLY get a completely customized look that integrates perfectly with existing finishes throughout your home.

Elements Standard Finish Colors

Elements Standard Finish Colors

Veneer Standard Finish Colors

Veneer Standard Finish Colors

Faux Iron Standard Finish Colors

Sustainable Materials

All Designer Grille materials all made from environmentally friendly recycled wood fiber and formaldehyde-free adhesive. Not only does this make the Earth happy, it is also perfectly safe in settings where people may suffer from allergies.


Designer Grilles weigh only about 10% the weight of actual iron. This makes for easier installation and less worry of damaging surrounding architecture.

Treated Materials

Not only are the materials lightweight, they are also moisture resistant, rot resistant, termite resistant, and there are fire retardant substrates available. This allows you to use indoors and out!

Easy Maintenance

Designer grilles will not rust or fade! They only require light cleaning saving you precious time and hassle.


Tableaux offers a Solar Screen option in which a screen can be pre-installed helping to block sunlight and/or serve as an additional barrier to this Texas heat! They offer 10 colors and 4 different opacity or openness levels. Click here to learn more about Solar Screens.

See what we mean!?

As you can see, Tableaux Designer Grilles are AMAZINGLY awesome! If you want to learn more about this beautiful product, contact us here! We offer FREE in-home design consultations and estimates and we would LOVE the opportunity to show you how these can completely transform your space!

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