5 reasons we love wood look tile

5 Reasons We Love “Wood Look” Tile

A very popular trend that will not be leaving us any time soon is the use of the “Wood Look” tile planks.

Here are 5 reasons we love them:

1. Moisture Resistance.

Wood look tile planks are made up of high-density ceramics or porcelain tile so they are waterproof unlike natural products such as hardwood flooring. This moisture resistance is great for families with pets, young children, or even homeowners who love to entertain.Wood Look Tile

2. Extremely durable.

Comparing wood look tile to hardwood flooring, the durability is much higher in a ceramic or porcelain tile. This makes the tile plank a great option for high traffic areas or even in a commercial setting.Wood Look Tile

3. Aesthetic quality.

Although tile plank does not have the feel of natural hardwood, technology is always improving and 3D printing on the tile plank gives it a very close appearance and texture to real wood floors.Wood Look Tile

4. Easy to clean.

Porcelain or ceramic plank can be cleaned just like any other tile so this makes it a very easy product to maintain. They can be cleaned by broom, vacuum, and even mopping with mild soap and water. The latter of which is not recommended for natural products like wood floors.Wood Look Tile


5. Design options

Builders, designers, and homeowners use “wood look tile” in a variety of ways –from installing tile on the entire first floor, to installation on shower walls, to installation on the exterior of a home, this is a product that can be used anywhere! There are also many different sizes and patterns that can be used to fit any style and décor.

Wood Look Tile

As you can see “wood look tile” planks really are the best of both worlds when it comes to flooring choices—the durability of tile, with the beauty of natural wood. Contact us today for a FREE in-home design consultation and estimate, and let us help you transform your home with this amazing product!